Podcast: E033 – Darrell Stuckey: Leading By Example

Darrell Stuckey’s story could easily be one of anger prevailing. It’d be hard to blame him. His parents got divorced at an early age, leaving his mom as a single parent. He suffered seizures as a child due to a medical condition. It was a struggle just to get by. But then, everything changed in an instant. How did this one moment impact his life forever? Stuckey instead adopted a work-hard mentality, and it led him to becoming one of the greatest defensive backs Kansas has ever seen. A starter for some of the best teams in school history, Stuckey would become an All-Big 12 performer, and eventually take his game to the NFL, where he would become a special teams captain and Pro Bowler for the Los Angeles Chargers. Now back in the Kansas community, Stuckey is using his life as an example, sharing his story and encouraging others to not let anger win.

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