Podcast: E039 – Gilbert Brown: The Gravedigger

With a nickname like the Gravedigger, you better be a nightmare for the opposing team. And Gilbert Brown was just that—an imposing figure who imposed his will on offensive lines throughout his college and NFL careers. He’s a guy who could’ve gone to some of the most historic programs in college football, so why’d he decide that Kansas was the right fit for him? Brown made an immediate impact in Lawrence, helping build a winning program that would make an Aloha Bowl appearance in 1992. But he was just getting started. Brown would go on to have a 10-year NFL career as part of a formidable Green Bay Packers defensive front, and would go on to win Super Bowl XXXI. He played through injuries throughout his career, and only three players in Packers history have appeared in more playoff games. Make no mistake: Brown was a difference-maker. And it all started at Kansas.

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